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Welcome to the 2017/18 Glasbury Arts programme. 

Since 2007 we have produced a small glossy brochure which could be picked up in a variety of local outlets but in the last couple of years we have been left with a large number, even though we cut the print run, which have had to be destroyed. The cost of producing the brochure is around £1500 per year and as we all know money is getting tighter but we were slipping into the red, so we need to change. We therefore, have reluctantly decided not to produce our brochure this year. Instead we are “beefing” up our website and have started to use Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, we are no longer going to spend as much on paid advertising which will save us another £1000. Lastly, we have used Ticket Source for booking tickets in the last three years and although it helped us to offer an online booking service, it was another cost and we have therefore “re-gigged” our website to handle ticketing “in-house” and tested it on the bookings for the re-introduced Harp Summer school which worked very well. We are providing a backup telephone line for those who cannot use online systems or has problems with it. Box office booking is now open Programme 2017/18

The programme is already open with a superb exhibition at Cyfarthfa Castle and ends at Glasbury Village Hall with a singing day next March. In between is a wide collection of workshops, courses and other events. Our annual exhibition has been put back to February, as it is a quieter time of year with the autumn now so full of activities across the area. 

We hope you will find something of interest within the programme, happy browsing.

Thanks to our financial supporters who enable us to book performers and artists of the quality featured in the 2017-2018 programme. We are especially grateful to Lord David and Lady Margaret Lipsey and to Catrin Finch for once again supporting Glasbury Arts by agreeing to be its patrons.

Contact Glasbury Arts general enquiry line on 07583 544110 for details of members 10% discount on tickets.

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